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2019-03-29 15:36:54 经典台词 评论

  My wings are restless

No escape

  Die running

  Sharpening my claws

  They fear me

  Fear the Void

  From the dark


  Endless hunger

  Slice them apart

  In the shadows

  Limb from limb

  Death from afar

  A different view

  Blood in the air

  Clever creatures

  Pierce and skewer

  Strike from above

  Devour their bones

  I am living change

  Isolate and devour

  They can't keep up

  Evolve and overcome

  I sense worthy prey

  Position for ambush

  They'll never see me

  I will soar over them

  One by one

  This world is delicious!

  Consume and adapt

  They will not expect this!

  They won't know what hit them

  (laughs) You're barely worth eating!

  If I eat you, will I learn how to die

  I ate an optimist once, but I couldn't keep him down

  Do not fear death. The best part of you will live on!

  To truly know someone, eat them and walk a mile in their feet

  My purpose is eating deadly creatures. My hobby is eating yordles



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